Why Choose BPSvault ?

Our Approach

Our engineering culture has always been focused on providing high integrity, mission critical solutions.  We combine our specialist Cyber Security skillset with both Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and risk management know-how to ensure any Cyber Security solution is fit for purpose.​

Our risk-based approach to Cyber Security in the Industrial Control & Automation has been developed with international standards such as IEC 62443 (formally ISA-99) in mind.


We provide a lifecycle approach with client engagement at every level. We are able to identify, design and deliver the most suitable OT Security solution, tailored to meet your needs.

Ready To Find Out More?

As the digital transformation of companies takes off,  Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) convergence accelerates. This convergence, presents enormous opportunities for companies and businesses to embrace the power of big data.

Conventional Cyber Security is not enough to protect the Operating Technology and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). SCADA, PLCs and Industrial Control Systems have different operational requirements and priorities.

ICS assets control real time processes which could have sub second response times. In general, ICS assets have long lifelines  and often there are legacy systems that may no longer be supported. Making changes to the OT systems requires careful planning and risk assessment as outages may not be tolerable.

Our experts can help you devise a roadmap to implement ICS cyber security measures which is specifically designed with your assets and operational requirements in mind without negatively impacting efficiency, productivity and safety.

How We'll Work With you

We bring extensive experience from our years of working in various industries. Our highly skilled experts have hands-on experience in designing, implementing and maintaining sophisticated OT security system. You’ll get pragmatic advice, with real understanding of the practical challenges you face.