Predominantly we work in partnership with large, multidiscipline engineering or consultancy companies where we provide specialist industrial cyber-security consultancy and design services. Our experts have completed some high-profile projects ranging from utilities to rail and highways.

Utilities, National Infrastructure, UK

A multi-billion pound megaproject that will form part of UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). Our team has designed and is currently implementing the cyber security solutions, for a resilient SCADA system with offsite telemetry panels spanning over 25km. With an extensive IP network, virtual infrastructure and central authentication systems, our team has provided a cyber security program that meets the requirements of several recognized standards, including ISO 27001, the NIST CSF and the supporting CIS/SANS security benchmarks. Throughout the project, our work has been audited by an external cyber-security resources and is pending direct assessment by the UK NCSC.

Railway Stations, UK

This is a multi-million overhaul of the core systems and network infrastructure across three railway stations in London (one of which is also an international station). Our team is providing cyber security design assurance and consultancy, providing strategic guidance and ensuring that the final solution is compliant with recognized standards and regulatory requirements. Including compliance with ISO 27001, ISA/IEC 62443 and the NIS Directive.

Highways, UK

Our team has successfully delivered a five-year cyber security improvement program for a regional government. Its Infrastructure is extensive, geographically distributed within a safety-critical industrial environment. As part of this program, our team strategically transformed a high-risk environment with long-standing security issues, into a highly fortified, segmented and standards-compliant environment that has demonstrated an ability to resist advanced and persistent red-team / penetration testing engagements.