As digital transformation takes off, OT and IT converge and companies have to deal with the issue of cyber security.  


A comprehensive network solution that allows segmentation with defense in depth is an essential component of a resilient OT system.

OT assets such as PLC, SCADA and RTU systems use many protocols including open standards and  proprietary vendor specific solutions. Our technical experts have the experience to design and develop a comprehensive solution that will provide the infrastructure for secure and resilient ICS and OT assets.

In this area we provide the following services:

  • Core and industrial network implementation

  • Constructing large, segmented IP networks (multi-vendor assets over large geographical areas)

  • Deploying isolated and resilient process control networks (IP, Profibus, Modbus, OPC-UA, various ring protocols)

  • Network and system performance monitoring

  • SEIM solution implementation and integrating SEIM solutions into complex industrial environments

  • Central authentication systems (Active Directory, RADIUS, Certificate Authority)

  • Virtual infrastructure for SCADA systems with redundancy

  • Replication, storage solutions and backups

  • Secure remote access implementing secure remote access solutions with second-factor authentication and ‘jump servers’

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