Risk Assessment
and Health Check

We offer technical and process audits and assessments against international standards such the IEC 62443, NIST CSF, ISO27001 and many other industry best practice guidelines.

With a logical and impartial view, we perform internal cyber security assessments and third party service reviews to ensure your Operating Technology (OT) assets are compliant with the applicable cyber security standards.

For your ICS and OT assets, we provide a detailed analysis which include comprehensive recommendations to mitigate areas of non-compliance.

In this area we provide the following services:

  • Assessment against security frameworks and standards typically providing clients with a detailed gap analysis

  • Security workshops establishing scope, organizational structure, impact assessment and risk acceptance levels

  • Systems analysis to identify all of the components that form the OT/ICS system and the supporting environment

  • Network structure analysis to identify the distribution of OT/ICS systems and existing network protection

  • Active technical assessment including assessing asset configuration and vulnerability scanning

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